Bandana Rugs

Bandana rugs are, perhaps, some of the most well-known rugs ever.
Being of almost mythical proportions, the bandana rugs have an allure all it’s own. Being a relic of Arabian legend the flying carpets of old –– bandana rugs will not send you soaring through the air, but will add a spectacular wealth of color and vibrance to any room.

Bandana rugs are woven only of the highest quality fibers and remain resilient throughout their ownership. Goat’s hair, camel’s hair, cotton and silk are all infused into the rug’s tapestry of fibers. One of the most prominent materials used in the creation of Bandana rugs is sheep wool, which is glossy and supple. This not only provides for the rug’s industrious and rugged construction, but also for it’s high standard of comfort.

Bandana rugs are often regarded as works of art. They transcend cultural aesthetics –– even though they originated from the East –– and have adopted a timeless beauty that will catch the eye of anyone who is a stickler for taste and quality. Bandanas are no longer only head apparel, but a welcomed addition to any household. This isn’t without merit, though. These rugs have stood the test of time due to their rugged durability and dazzling array of colors.

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