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Get the Quality You Deserve With a Qum Rug
A Qum rug is one the finest handmade Perisan rugs in the world, if not the absolute finest. Woven in the workshops of Qum (a city of northwest central Iran) A Qum rug will add a splash of color and warmth to any home. These authentic hand made area rugs can visually integrate or harmonize diverse elements in any decor and can therefore reenergize a room.

Qum Rugs Quality

The Qum rug is usually made of 100% silk with very high knot counts. However, whether they are all silk, part silk/part wool, and kork (fine wool taken from the belly of sheep). These rugs are very well?known in Iran and abroad. In fact, they are so renowned that people often pay thousands of dollars in order to add such a rug to their collection. There are some of these rugs in the world today that cost several hundreds of thousands of dollars and sometimes well over a million. However, in considering the cost, one should also consider the fact that most of the rugs take several years to complete. In some bigger pieces, it may take numerous expert weavers well over ten years to construct a single rug. Furthermore, this rug contains minute details and is often created by a master weaver towards the end of his life.

Qum Rugs Designs

The designs within the variety of Qum rug are varied. Most have curvilinear patterns, and very elaborate floral motifs with intricate leaves and vines. The depiction of hunting scenes is quite common as well. The colors used are as diverse as the designs. The overall appearance could either be pale with background and border colors such as ivory, champagne, turquoise and light green, or it could be dark with background colors such as dark blue and even sometimes red. Red, blue and green are also used as motif colors. Other commonly used colors are mushroom, rose, gold, yellow and orange. In silk Qum rugs, golden yellow outlines are sometimes woven around the motifs.

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