Gabbeh Rugs

What better way to add warmth and style to a room than with Gabbeh rugs?

For those with a passion for history and tradition, Gabbeh rugs would be the perfect choice. Magnificently-crafted, these rugs illustrate the view that form goes hand in hand with function. Transform any room with a variety of beautiful Gabbeh rugs rich in color and design that are eye catching pieces. Made with precision and care, this rug is bound to be in your family for generations. The wonderful creations are made to take your breath away. Sit back and relax with this special rug beneath your feet.

About Gabbeh Rugs

Gabbeh rugs are a unique hand-woven tribal Persian rug with weaving that is especially suitable for modern, or contemporary settings. These rugs combine thick, heavy pile with bold colors and shapes in unusual and exciting combinations. Look for designs that are extremely simple and uncluttered with large fields, with bold stripes and geometric human or animal shapes that seem more sophisticated than primitive. The Gabbeh is often a favorite of many contemporary designers because of its beauty and utmost simplicity. Take pride in having this type of rug in your home. A great centerpiece to show of to all those you welcome into your home. Bring some history and art to the floors of your home and enjoy the richness these rugs add to any room of your home.

Hand Woven Rugs

Gabbeh rugs are hand-woven usually with symmetrical Turkish knots up-to a density of one hundred knots per square inch. The wrap and weft structure is strong, with durable cotton or goat hair. The pile of these rugs is made of very lustrous and fine wool, and colored mainly with natural vegetable and root dyes. These rugs are truly unique and priceless treasures. There will absolutely never be a duplicate of one of these rugs anywhere. There might be a piece similar to another, but never one identical to another. This is because each rug is a self expression of individual weavers, and there is no paper design or blueprint used. This is what makes these rugs so special and unique. Share the experience of owning a rug like this and you won’t be disappointed. Your home will never be the same and you’ll have this wonderful feature forever.

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