Braided Area Rugs

Braided area rugs are very popular and have been around for many years.

About Braided Area Rugs

Your great-grandparents may certainly have made them as a way to economically cover their bare floors as they recycled old clothing and linens. There are still many people today with needle and thread skills who still enjoy making their own braided rugs as a relaxing past time. Fortunately you do not need to invest dozens of hours into making beautiful braided rugs for your home. An abundant selection of area rugs are available for sale or clearance by shopping online and in many discount retail stores.

The usual shape to found in braided area rugs is the oval or round shape. These curvy shapes are very nice in the décor to soften all the harsh straight lines usually found in a room. There are other shapes that braided rugs are now made in. Heart-shaped rugs are one. Braided rugs may be formed in a very long shape to serve as a runner. There are also square and rectangular shaped rugs. The usual design in a circular rug is a single coil of braided fabric started from the center and working its way out. With a squared-off braided rug there may be multiple braids in horizontal or vertical rows. A more interesting design for a rectangular rug is one that starts as a circle or oval with the corners gradually being formed at every circuit until the outside edges are straight and square. One relatively new design in braided rugs is a whirlpool design. In this design multiple braids are started in the center in octopus fashion then the braids are permitted to spiral towards the outside. This rug may have a very contemporary or modern look. As a whole, braided rugs usually add a country, provincial or homey touch to your interior decorating.

Braided Area Rugs Variety

Braided area rugs run the entire spectrum of prices and materials. When purchasing a high quality braid check that the stitching is tight and even. Braided rugs have one weakness and that is the separation that can occur between rows of braids when placed under a table with chairs. The chair legs can begin to work their way between the braids, especially if the table is used frequently by active families. This may not be a problem if you were planning to replace the rug in five or so years anyway. Braided area rugs make excellent door mats, kitchen rugs and decorative area rugs in any setting you can imagine. You can find braided rugs made from natural jute or many materials including soft wools in every color or style imaginable. You are certain to find the right one for you.

Braided Area Rugs Cleaning

As with any area rug, be certain to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning. Vacuuming is certainly permitted and to be encouraged as the grinding in of dirt shortens the life of any rug. Many may be dry clean only. Others may be hand-washable or machine washable. Extend the life of your rug by using the coolest water possible with mild detergents. Treat stains and spots as you would on other carpets, if a rug is washable.

Country Braided Rugs

Country braided rugs have a special handmade touch, adding great charm via wool, chenille, cotton, and other potential materials. When you’re looking for a stylish rug to add to your floor, but want some true down home style, you can’t go wrong with country braided rugs. They are going to add more cozy character than just about any other type, and ensure that you’re going to be able to enjoy your home just that much more. Plus they can really protect your flooring in a way that other rugs just can’t compete with, which is really important to ensuring that things like hardwood floors stay nice. But of course that also means you have to ensure that you choose the right style of country braided rugs, to ensure that they really add to your home. There are all kinds of varieties, and plenty that will be perfectly suited to your home.

Country Braided Rugs Shapes

What you’re going to find with just about any style of country braided rugs, is that they really add a unique flavor to your floors, just because of how they are constructed. They feature long sections of braided fabrics, that are formed in the shape of a long oval. They literally consist of strips of fabric that are braided together to form a large and cushiony surface, which is perfect for providing comfort, as well as protecting a hardwood floor underneath from a high traffic area of the home. They can come in all different colors, as well as sizes, so you know there’s going to be an ideal one out there for you.

In fact, you really want to think about the style you’re going for with your country braided rugs, so that you can find the perfect type to add to your home. They can have all sorts of unique color combinations, and you want to find those that really suit the style of your home. Whether you’re looking to go with something that’s just a solid color like blue, or brown, or those that feature multiple colors so that they can spruce up your floor and make it more exciting, there’s something out there for you.

Rubber Rug Mat

Just remember that with any type of country braided rugs, you really need to get a rubber rug mat, so that they aren’t going to slip around. The only problem with how these rugs are constructed, is that they can easily slip around on surfaces like wood, because of the type of fabric they are made from. That’s something you really want to avoid, and the only want to do that is by purchasing the right style of rubber mat. This is going to cause your rug to really cling to the floor, so that no amount of activity is going to move them around, so that you can ensure you’re able to walk across them without having to worry about taking a fall.

You can buy country braided rugs just about anywhere as well, as they are common home items. Through stores like Amazon, you can typically find just the type you’re looking for in a flash, in the size that you need.

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